Submission Deadlines and Publication Dates

                                                                                           Issue 22: 22 December 2015
                                                                                           Issue 23: 20 June 2016


The main guideline for submitting work to Unfolded Magazine is simply to read previous issues of the magazine, blog and website thoroughly and ask yourself if you feel your Fashion, Art or Media piece meets our criteria.

Unfolded Magazine welcomes freelance submissions for practically any section of the magazine. At present we do not have a budget to pay contributors and are accepting submissions in exchange for exposure on the website, download pdfs, e-mags, print copies, supporting blogs, microsites and forums.

Requirements for Submissions

a) All articles or artistic work submitted to Unfolded Magazine to be considered for publication must be original and free of copyright infringement.  You warrant that you are the copyright holder or have the rights to submit your work to Unfolded Magazine. If a claim is made, you will be responsible and Unfolded Magazine will not accept any liability for any third party claims.

b) By submitting images or photos or text for publication in Unfolded Magazine, you must be the sole copyright holder and you grant Unfolded Magazine the right to use them in their submitted form for:
The magazine itself :,
Download PDFs and Print copies at and other solely Unfolded Magazine related PR and promotional purposes, subject to possible re-sizing and/or cropping where necessary. If you are interviewed for the magazine, text and images may also be used by the interviewer for their editorial portfolio.

c) An acknowledgement statement about copyright will be included alongside the source material if requested by the copyright holder.

If you would like to contribute to Unfolded Magazine, please ensure that you have read and agreed with the Requirement for Submissions, Extra notes at bottom of this page and the Terms of Use page.

Guidelines to Contributors

Example article types:

a) Articles for magazine that have an art, fashion or cultural theme
b) Art editorials: Three or more images of your work or online portfolio we can review, such as photographs of paintings, sculptures, illustrations etc
c) Fashion editorials: Series of images depicting a story, brand or concept which is preferably unpublished and ideally with three, four or more changes of clothing/accessories to create several looks. We don't tend to take commercial style imagery and prefer more avant-garde, unique imagery.
d) Interview editorial of artists, musicians, designers, directors etc similar to those in previous issues
e) Media reviews - Film, Art, Books, Exhibitions, Trends and so on
f) Event photos - catwalks, shows and media events
g) Commissioned shoot with Unfolded Magazine photographers (requires budget)
h) Press releases: Please send in fashion or art press releases which may be suitable for the magazine or for the blog

Please make sure to include:

A brief introduction or background information about yourself and your work
Contact details
A URL to your web site, if you have one (flickr links are welcome)
All credits, including anyone involved in the pictures/story  (Photographer,Artists,Illustrators, Models and their agency names if appropriate, Brands, Designers, Artists, Hair, Makeup, Stylists, Designers, prop-markers, Location Credits and Assistants etc.)
The accompanying or supporting images, photos, artworks - in a low resolution to begin with

Sending in approved submissions

If your submission is approved we will let you know what's required next and for sending in high res images, details are also outlined below:
Image Specifications for approved submissions:

High resolution images at 300dpi minimum (to be able to cover page dimension areas below at 100%)
JPG or TIFF File Formats.
Use simple naming for the images so we can match them to article and editorial easily.
You can send submission by email by providing a link to a downloadable zip file
( or or for example work well)

Page dimensions
Single Pages - 8.5 in x 11 in (W x H) or 215.9mm x 279.4mm (W xH)
Double Page Spreads - 17 in x 11 in (W x H) or 431.8mm x 279.4mm (W x H)

Extra notes

With regard to interviews and text, responses and submissions may be edited minimally in the interest of maintaining quality, however we will do our best to preserve the original meaning.

Obtaining a commissioning letter or pull letter does not mean we will publish your editorial story online. Final decision sits with the editor at time of publishing the online magazine. We also reserve the right to change which issue your editorial goes in. Any expenses or costs of your shoot are at your own risk, please do not undertake a shoot in our name unless you can afford the loss, should it happen.

Please note that all submissions will be vetted for their usefulness or appropriateness for publication and the editorial board of Unfolded Magazine reserves the right not to include each and every submission for publication if deemed unsuitable. We also reserve the right to move your submission to another issue or change our mind about its inclusion. We reserve the right to change, edit or remove content from previously published issues.